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The north node is The primary problem that reveals somephysique’s dharma or future. The north node Pertains to the moon’s orbit, and It is Some extent, not a planetary physique. The moon is related to our previous; It is a primarytainer of reminiscences and serves as a timer in astrology—bringing factors into and out of focus.

The north node Pertains to the place We’re Occurring this life. The south node, 180 levels reverse the north node, Pertains to the place We have come from—in previous lives and earlier On this life. The south node displays the mastery We have achieved. It might additionally reveal weaknesses. If there are planets subsequent to your south node, you acquired here into this life with The expertise (and challenges) suggested by these planets. 

The signal of the south node expresses your “default” mode, and the north node reveals The biggest method You are evolving. By The objective You are 18.5 (the age of your first nodal return, when the north node Inside the sky returns to its delivery place), You will be tapping into the power of your north node. You start waking As a lot as your potential, separate from who you have been as A toddler (and in a previous life). 

An important factor To know Regarding the nodes is that they primarytain in The identical signal for 1.5 yrs. Everyphysique born within a 1.5-yr interval has The identical nodes. These people type a soul cohort, Engaged on comparable themes. 

As a Outcome of the north node Isn’t extremely particular, The state of affairs of the node Is important. It signalifies how somephysique’s future manifests, So that you will be Eager to discover which house your north node falls in. (This is a refresher on The tactic To Search out out.)

Source: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/astrological-purpose